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I hereby welcome the unknown and my world of thoughts, which I hope can inspire you to see the unknown in a new way. There will be space for thoughts of all sizes and colors on this website, so please comment. Finally, contribute to a greater understanding.

Since I do not write fluent English, please give feedback in my language, if something is wrong.

Please read the Netiquette so that you understand how this website works before you can start commenting on posts.

It is also possible to subscribe to posts, and you will receive an email every time a new one is published. You can sign up with name and email in the box just under “About this website”.

All posts are “work in progress” which means I keep updating them as I get new angles to the topic.

Do I get a comment that causes the post to be updated. It may be due to bugs, improvements, suggestions for new perspectives and more, so I will update the post.

Posts about the unknown

The website will not be bombarded with daily posts. The goal of the website is more about the interaction (dialogue) between you, both among themselves and with me in the form of comments.

I will now repeat the text on the left side of this post so you can print the information out what this blog is going to contain. In short 🙂

About Henrik

Henrik Falk

On this website I share my view of all the unknown.

It is about the Theory Of Everything (TOA), cosmology, mysteries, the paranormal, philosophy and what lies in those areas. I will also contribute my own thoughts on these topics.

My starting point will be the latest knowledge, the latest trends, but also in the areas historically.

I take a skeptical perspective in all my posts as I believe that people are generally too naive and gullible when it comes to these topics.

Without comments and feedback on my posts, they just become thoughts and claims. Therefore, I would like to hear about all your thoughts, experiences, facts and what else may come to mind as you read my posts.

This website is a personal website. It is non-commercial, does not contain banner ads (advertisements) and is not affiliated with a company.

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