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In my netiquette, the general guidelines for conduct on this blog are described.

A netiquette is also about good behavior on a website.

This is not an exhaustive list, but I think you understand the point:

  • It is not allowed to copy posts or parts thereof (from this blog) without clear indication of author and source. Leave a comment for the post if you intend to borrow posts or parts thereof so that I will be informed of the use of my thoughts or words elsewhere.
  • The owner of this blog is the moderator and approves all relevant comments.
  • Advertising of products or services is not allowed.
  • Keep a polite tone
  • Recognize each other’s views and feedback, but comment favorably on them.
  • Preferably avoid irony and sarcasm.
  • Stick to the topic you comment on.
  • Use your common sense with your language when commenting.
  • Do not respond to negative comments (If moderator approves them) with negative comments. Answer positive.
  • Do not use direct links in comments.
  • Respect the privacy and attitudes of others.
  • If someone asks a question and you may know the answer, then help
  • Political, racist or otherwise offensive or discriminatory comments will not be approved.

With these points, I hope that everyone who visits my blog can have a positive experience.

Just for a good order. Since I am also a user of my own blog, the netiquette also applies to me.

This is version 1.0 of the netiquette. If you have feedback on my netikette, please leave a comment.

Are you a webmaster?

If you are a webmaster looking for a netiquette, then you are welcome to use the items from my list that you like best. A network etiquette on a website with written dialogue can help us to communicate better. For me, it is important that we can meet in positive dialogue as we move and interact on the Internet.